Moon Lamp, 7 Colour Light Rechargeable Battery

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3D printing technology that is printed layer by layer which restores the real appearance of the moon. Even though we recommend the 20cm moon lamp. We also offer the 3D Moon Lamp in 7 different sizes. Each allows you to cycle between 16 different colours. You can totally customize this 3D Moon Lamp as per your wishes and we will deliver it to you with perfection. You can opt from sizes of 8 cm to 22 cm! Furthermore.

  • Bulb Type : LED
  • Colour of lights: 7 (White, Cyan, Green, Red, Purple, Yellow, Blue)
  • Colour Mode: Single colour and automatic colour change mode
  • Size : 15 CM & 16 CM
  • Material : Unbreakable PLA plastic 
  • Input voltage supply : micro USB DC 5V (USB cable provided)
  • Battery Capacity : 4000 mWh lithium polymer battery 
  • Charging Time : 2-3 hours
  • Color Change : Vibration type, Tap the surface of Moon to change color
  • Working Time: 3-6 hours (based on intensity of  light of lamp chosen)
  • Package Include :1 * Moon Lamp, USB Charging Cable, Wooden Stand
  • Warranty: Replacement and Refund warranty


Frequently asked questions:

What are the sizes available for 3D Moon lamp?

Ans. 3D Moon lamp is available in two sizes (15 & 16 CM ,Diameter).

Does it comes with wooden stand?

Ans. Yes, It comes with wooden stand. 

In How many days will I get my product after order?

Ans. It solely depends on your location, for metro cities delivery time is approx. 2-3 days while for other it is 4-5 days.

What if my product is damaged during shipping?

Ans. Inform us on our email ( with the pics of product, if you receive a damaged product we will replace it .

How many colors are shown by 3D Moon lamp?

Ans. 3D Moon Lamp shows seven colors (White, Cyan, Green, Red, Purple, Yellow, Blue).

How are the color of Moon lamp changes?

Ans. Colors are changed by simple on the moon lamp, actually it has a vibration sensor which detect any vibration created by

Will the Moon Lamp break , if it fall from the table etc. ?

Ans. No, It is made of PLA unbreakable plastic.

Is there any warranty for the product?

Ans. Yes, we have warranty for all products, please refer replace/refund policy

Is Online prepaid payment safe on your website?

Ans. Yes, all Prepaid payments are done through Paytm/Razorpay Online gateway, which are 3D secure using 128-bit SSL encryption Protocol.